The Fight for the Metronome.

The Metronome.  Loved by few, hated by many.  Why is it that most cringe at the mention of its existence? What is it about this battle between teacher and student that is rarely conquered?  Why is it so difficult?Perfection. All on your own, you are not perfect.  My apologies if your parents have led you into such delusions, but indeed you are not.  The metronome does not allow for pauses nor mistakes.  Left to your own timing abilities, you WILL pause.  You WILL slow down or speed up at some point. You WILL play something wrong.  So why is it so hard to use the metronome?  It requires you to be perfect.  No pauses!  No mistakes allowed!  It will show you where you need focus and tell you the required tempo for perfection. You yourself will most likely try to play too fast and will play wrong.  And why would you want to get good at being wrong?  You wouldn't.  Slow down and find your perfect tempo. 

Using a metronome will make you focus harder than you can make yourself focus.  It will keep you on the edge of your ability to play a part perfect or missing it by just one note.  Even after decades of playing, the worlds best concert pianist benefits from practicing with a metronome.  So follow this teacher and concert pianist's advice, and PLAY EVERYTHING YOU PLAY WITH THE METRONOME!

And on the lighter side...........

What do you call a gnome living in the city?

A metro gnome!