Clean & Lubricate

As you know you're piano is a dust magnet. In and out a village of dust bunnies is on the rise. If you are the proud owner of a grand piano and like to leave it open then you are well aware of the dust that can pile up. Even where you cannot see, inside the action, dust is feeling every pore. Enhance your piano's beauty and longevity with one of my cleaning packages.


Basic Grand Cleaning  $75

Includes a complete dusting and vacuuming of the sound board, bridges, felts, tuning pins, dampers and plate.

Upright Clean and Lubricate   $75

Action is pulled and blown out with an air compressor. All felts and cabinet are vacuumed out and all center pins and flange pins in action are cleaned and lubricated.

Grand Clean and Lubricate   $95

Includes Basic Grand Cleaning as well as pulling the action to blow out and lubricate all pins. Inside is also vacuumed and dusted.