Classical, Blues, and Jazz OH MY!  Chase has taught locally since 1998, enjoying music with hundreds of children and adults.  In addition to teaching the Classical Method, Chase has developed a unique method of teaching improvisation and composition through the understanding of theory and scale. 


Whether you are 7 yrs. old with no experience, or later in life with past experience, you can learn to improvise and play Jazz.  Let Chase show you the secrets of music your past piano teacher never knew!


Currently, Chase is mentoring several teachers who want to take their piano playing and teaching to the next level that Classical simply cannot. Contact Chase to take your teaching beyond what only 4 years of school can do for you.


Now you can get the same professional teaching for even less by learning with the aid of Skype. Learn the theory of music and how to compose by learning the numbers of music.  Learn the how and why of music.  

Skype sessions are also ideal for Chase's teacher lessons.  Learn how to increase your students performance and improvisation like you never knew possible.  

Guitar Lessons

 Looking to take your garage playing to the next level? Tired of playing just 3 chords? Learn to solo and enjoy your guitar like never before. Whether you're into Metallica, Van Morrison, Taylor Swift or The Beetles, Chase can show you how its done.  


Do more than just strum your guitar.  Solo. Shred. Bend those strings to cry sorrowful cries of Blues. Enjoy music like never before.