There are many factors to a piano going out of tune; consistency of tuning, humidity, and even hardness of playing.  It is recommended that you tune your piano twice a year in order to maintain and hold its tuning.  With over 40,000 pounds of tension, your piano is always on the move! Climate changes and even where you put your piano in your home also play a huge role in the stability of your pianos tuning. 


When a piano is serviced regularly, it typically only needs a regular tuning and can be fine tuned in one pass. Depending on your piano and how long it has been since it was last tuned, it may need extra tuning.  If the strings have dropped enough, it may need tuned 2 or 3 times in one sitting. The more the strings have to move, the more unstable the piano becomes. So tune regularly for a better sounding piano!


Piano Tuning and Repair.  Piano regulating. piano tuner

With over 6,000 pieces inside, your piano needs maintenance and upkeep just like your car.  Over time wood warps, felts get flat and hard, and pieces move. To keep your piano performing in a like new condition, it needs regulating from time to time.  The amount of regulating a piano needs depends on the age of the piano and how long it has been since the piano was regulated.

Below you see hammers that have been reshaped and those that have not.  As you can see, over time the strings indent and chip away at the felt.  The shape and hardness or softness of the hammers is what makes your piano bright or dull sounding.  This can be fixed and is called voicing the hammers.  Even new pianos can be voiced to your preference. 

Piano tuner. Piano tuning
Piano tuner. Piano tuning

To the left, you see the remains of 20 years of dust and the short use of a home for a mouse.  Mice can create havoc throughout your piano, another good reason to have it regularly serviced.  This piano was lucky and suffered only minor injuries. 

The world of piano technician work began in 2005 for Chase, shortly after his father started the road to being a Registered Piano Technician.  Chase completed the Randy Potter School of Piano Technology and studied under his father a Registered Piano Technician.  He currently services many pianos across the front range and Metro areas.  Service areas include: Fort Collins, Denver, Boulder, Broomfield, Longmont, Loveland, Nederland, Westminster, Louisville, Lafayette, Lakewood, Berthoud, Thorton, Arvada, and more!